Thank you for considering The Sweet Alley to be part of your wonderful occasion. 

Our layered cakes are deliciously divine and may be customized to suit any event; from baby shower, birthdays, baptismal, corporate events, anniversaries and just about anything.


We only use the freshest and finest ingredients and support our local producers whenever possible.

Cake Smash

Chocolate-based shell with layers of delicious cake, iced with buttercream and decorated with simple fondant flowers (fondant candle available upon request).



Starts at $79          


Tall, uniquely hand-crafted with layers of our gourmet cakes, and our signature buttercream, drizzled with either white or dark choco-ganache, with choice toppings of  french macarons, mini ice cream cake pops, meringues, chocolates, sprinkles, berries, edible flowers, freeze dried berries, 24K gold flakes, Need we say more?

6"     $99 - $132    Serves 12-24 (party portions)
8"     $159 - $189  Serves 30-40 (party portions)

If you're looking for double barrel cakes, please click here

Buttercream Cakes

Cakes iced with TSA's signature buttercream, usually 4" tall.
Price starts at $72 for basic cakes,  additional charges  may apply for for customized cakes.

6"             $72*       Serves 10-12
8"             $144*     Serves 20-24
10"           $216*     Serves 30-38

Fondant Cakes

4" tall, iced with buttercream and/or ganache.
Price starts at $96



6"            $96*           Serves 10-12
8"            $192*         Serves 20-24
10"          $288*         Serves 30-38

*Toppers/decoration may be customized however additional charge may apply depending on intricacy of details.

TSA's Signature Cakes


Un - Birthday Bash

Tall, with layers of two-gourmet-flavour cakes (ie: Raspberry/Pistachio, Red/White Velvets, Ube/Macapuno etc.) adorned with french macarons, chocolate shards, mini ice cream cake pops, sprinkles, edible flowers; Need we say more?

6"             $132     Serves 12-24 (party portions)
8"             $189     Serves 24-40 (party portions)

Petals & Berries

Tall, with layers of your favourite TSA cake, filled, coated with naked or full buttercream, drizzled with chocolate glaze drip. Finally, topped with french macarons, edible flowers, berries (other sweets, toppers may be requested subject to availability and extra charge may apply)

6"             $99      Serves 12-24 (party portions)
8"             $159     Serves 24-40 (party portions)

(NEW!) Mango-Passion Pavlova

Layers of meringue-based cake with cripsy outer crust, while the insdes are soft , light and fluffy. Filled and topped with fresh in-season berries, ripe mangoes, kiwi fruit, chantilly cream and passion-fruit coulis.


8"             $90   Serves 12-16 (party portions)

3"             $4     Min. 2 doz/order

Cake Flavours (Please note: fondant cakes are coated with either white chocolate or chocolate ganache )



Red Velvet


Light chocolate cake

Cream cheese

Mascarpone cheese



Hail Berry


White chocolate cake

Raspberry compote

Raspberry buttercream

Fresh raspberries


Decadent Chocolate


Chocolate cake


Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate ganache




Pistachio cake

Pistachio buttercream

Roasted pistachio



French Vanilla


Vanilla cake

Vanilla bean buttercream




Hazelnut Praline


Chocolate cake

Hazelnut buttercream

Hazelnut Praline

Dark choco ganache





Chocolate cake

Kona coffee

Kona buttercream

Dark choco ganache



Luscious Lemon


Lemon cake

Lemon custard

Lemon custard-buttercream



Champagne soaked strawberry cake

Champagne infused buttercream

Strawberry compote

Fresh strawberries

Pistachio Rose


Pistachio cake

Rose infused buttercream

Candied rose petals


Chocolate Overdose


Chocolate cake

Chocolate chips

Chocolate buttercream

Chocolate ganache





Vanilla cake

Passion fruit creameux

Passion fruit buttercream


(ask for availability)

Coconut Bliss


Coconut cake

Coconut cremeux

Marshmallow frosting

Toasted coconut


(not avail on fondant cakes)




Salted Caramel


Chocolate cake

Vanilla cake

Caramel buttercream

Salted caramel filling

Chocolate ganache





White Velvet


White chocolate cake

Cream cheese




*Pistachio Sans Rival


Almond dacquoise

Vanilla buttercream

Pistachio nuts


(coming soon)




Mango Fandango

Vanilla cake

Mango cremeux

Mango buttercream

Fresh mango bits




* Gluten-Free



Sculpted Cakes

                 from $7.0 per serving                        


Fondant /Gumpaste Toppers

Price start from $5.00 or more, depending on design and other details requested.


*Prices are for basic decorated cakes only, we may charge extra for additional embelishments.

For pricing based on theme or other request, please email us with details for a quote.  We will try to respond within 24-48 hours, if we do not respond right away, kindly give us a nudge by also texting us at 778.737.8140.


Reservations are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We only take a few orders per week to ensure the quality of products that we produce.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required once the order has been placed, minimum of 1 month prior to the event; 2 months for weddings. The final balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event; 4 weeks for weddings. Orders will only be considered confirm upon receipt of deposit.

Orders with less than 2 weeks notice, is considered  rush and therefore full payment is required once the order has been placed and is non-refundable (not applicable for weddings).



***Pricing may change at anytime without notice.

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