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Happy Clients

What could be more rewarding than a bunch of amazing clients who continue to support me and my work; thank  you for your kind words and lovely feedbacks!

Nicole + Adam

"Hi Christina, we just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for the cake. I'm still in awe over it, I kept looking at it all night and couldn't believe how amazing and perfect it came out. It was so yummy and Adam keeps telling me we need to order another one (which we will be!) because he's hooked on the pistachio flavour. Again, we can't say it enough - thank you!!!" - Nicole (bride) and Adam (groom)


"Thank you so much for doing such an amazing display of your fantastic cupcakes. Everyone loved them. You are very gifted. Thanks Again!" - Zena (Bride)

Louise + Benjamin

"Thanks so much for the cupcakes! Everything was amazing and everyone loved the cakes, especially the brazos." -Benjamin (groom)

Fiesta themed cake & cupcakes

"I can't say this enough, your cake and cupcakes were so beautiful and delicious at the same time. Amazing talent!" - Gigi Jamias (mom)

Liezl (mom)

"We are still in awe with your cake tower; sobra, it's gorgeous and you're so talented" - Liezel C. (mom, repeat customer from Delta BC)

Gianne (Daughter)

OMG Chris! Everybody loves your cake. My mom loves her ube cake so much. Inuunti-unti nya so she won't finish it in one sitting, sarap daw! The sweetness is perfect, and they can really taste the ube.Thank you Chris for trying hard to find the ube, she loved it so much. Can't wait to see my wedding cake in a few weeks." - Gianne (Daughter)

Ria R. (Bride, Brix & Mortar)

"Everyone loved the dessert and was asking where I got it" - Ria R. (Bride, Brix & Mortar)

Gianne (Friend)

"My friend loves his cake too, actually all our friends who attended loved the cake. The design and the taste. As in all of them, even the guys who doesn't like chocolate cake. They asked for the name of your shop so expect more customers in the future, thank you!" - Gianne (Friend, Bride-to-be)

Amazing Race Push Pop Cakes

"Thank you so much Christina. The PPC were a big hit with the kids! The cake was delicious and everyone loved them. Alot of people asked me for your name so I redirected them to TSA" - Carole (Mom, repeat customer)

Holiday Wreath Cake

"Christina the cake was beautiful and we really enjoyed the cupcakes" - Magda

Edible Flower cake & Cupcake Tower

"Amazing cake and cupcakes, thank you so much Christina" - Nicole (Bride) "Thank you so much for everything, your work is absolutely amazing and delicious" -Veronika (Sister of the Bride)

Patrice M. (Bride, Brix & Mortar)

"Thank you somuch for this amazing cake! I was blown away by how it was to start but it tastes even better. It stole the show that day. I'll have to find an excuse to order more cake - Patrice (Bride)

Thomas The Train

"Oh my goodness, this cake is gorgeous! The people at the airpost security and everyone around me are in awe!!! I have passed your company name around, thanks again for doing this in such short notice! -Amera (Aunt, repeat customer)

Wedding Cookie Tower

"Big thanks to The Sweet Alley for our cookie tower courtesy of Mari Galleon! It was indeed the focal point of our candy bar. Cookies were intricate and delicious at the same time. - Sheng S. (Bride)

Sheryl D.

"Thank you sooo much! My sisted loved it and it was definitely the focal part of the bridal shower!" - Sheryl D. (Sister of the Bride, repeat customer)


"Thank you so much for the beautiful cake. I absolutely loved every bit of it.The mom to be was wowed by the cake, it tasted really good too. The detail work was amazing. Everyone admired the cake. Thanks once again." - Kanika


"Christina, the cake was perfect! I was extremely pleased with the outcome and it was devoured by all my guests. We definitely will be ordering his baptismal cake from you once we set a date." - Michelle (Mom)

Joan A.

"Thank you Chris, the cake was delicious and beautifully decorated and it was very detailed (just like the book) I appreciate all the hard work you put into making the cake. A lot of people complimented on how beautifully it was executed. Thank you, thank you beautiful work! We loved it." - Joan A. (Mom)


"Thank you so much for helping in terms of cake, cupcakes, etc. My guests loved it and were constantly asking for more of the cookies and cupcakes. I loved every detail so thank you for capturing it." - Ava (Debutante)


"Thank you, it was delicious! So many compliments" - Alivia (Bride) "Everyone at the wedding was raving about those cupcakes" - Bride's sister


"Thank you so much for the cake. It was an absolute hit! We couldn't slice into because it was so beautiful :) although we had to lol. I will be needing to order another cake and cupcakes for Jan 10. Hope you're available." - Sara

Amera T.

"Oh my goodness, the cake was a hit and delicious and EVERYBODY could not believe the beauty of it. Thank you very much, I didn't want to cut it." -Amera T.

Erin D.

"Oh! Wow, Wow, Wow! Thank you so much!" - Erin D. (Mom, repeat customer)

Angela T.

"Awesome! Thanks for all your effort; I will be sure to refer and use you again." - Angela T. (Bride -to-be)


" Thank you The Sweet Alley, we absolutely loved it!" - Lindsay (Bride)

Winnie E.

"Thanks Christina. Your cake was a hit at the party! No one believe it was a cake!!! And it taste amazing!!! Thank you." - Winnie E. (Mom)


"Thank you The Sweet Alley for making such wonderful cakes" - Yuki

Lou A.

"Thank you Chris, the cake was lovely" - Lou (Bride) "Everyone was raving about the cake; it tasted delicious too that we had seconds, some even thirds" - Nicole & Kim (Guests)

Deljit P.

"Thank you! Everything was beautiful including your treats, which I can't believe how fast everyone devoured them" - Deljit P. (Mom)

Goeffrey & Micah

"Thanks Christina, we really appreciate the work you did with the cake, it was what we envisioned, you did a great job! Best wedding cake ever!" - Geoffrey & Micah (Groom & Bride)

Katherine T.

"You did such a fantastic job for us! The attention to detail was impeccable." - Katherine

Janice L.

"Nicky lovedddd his cake and cupcakes, special thank you to Christina of The Sweet Alley. Thank you for making his day" - Janice L. (Mom)

Christina D.

"Thank you for such an amazing cake... without any photo inspiration you were able to capture exactly what i wanted <3 It looked amazing and taste delicious too.. Definitely the hit of the party!" - Christina D. (Girlfriend)


"Thank you so much! The cake was lovely, I love it! You did an awesome job! Thanks again, can't wait to get my son cake smash photos done this Dec/Jan and I'll deff grab a cake off you! Thanks so much, I am so happy!" - Raquel (Mom)

Pauline M.

"I was very surprised and very pleased with everything! The desserts were very delicious, it was gone within 5 minutes!" - Pauline M. (Debutante)

Deljit P.

"We did eat the ice cream cone pops the day you delivered, my son loved them. You're incredibly talented. I can't wait to see how the cake on Sunday turns out. I'm so glad I found you." - Deljit P. (Mom)

Cyndi N.

"Wow! I'm very happy with the cake. I love it, was way better than the sample I sent you. The desserts were very good and we will definitely use you again and recommend you to our other friends" - Cyndi N. (Event Coordinator)

Amelita L.

"It took us a long time to finally slice the cake cause it was too cute to cut....sooo yummy! Everyone is raving about it! Thanks Chris." - Amelita L. (Aunt)

Kim M.

"Thanks Tita Chris, this made his night" - Kim M. (Girlfriend)

Erin D.

"My family was still raving about everything a week later (turkey dinner last night). Best cake we've ever had. I will post on your FB page as soon as I can! Very very satisfied!! Thank you so much!" - Erin D. (Mommy)


Christina, the cake is beautiful; I like the intricate details on the flowers and it is delicious. Thanks, sa susunod ulit" - Sheila (Mom of Debutante)

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