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“I'm a sugar-addict, kinda OCD and a frustrated artist.

It may sound so negative, kind of  dangerous,

but to my family it's a magical combination

when I'm in the kitchen.”


About Us


Having previously pursued fashion design and fine arts, Christina's cravings for an artistic outlet, love of pastries and the desire to focus on her growing family led to the beginnings of The Sweet Alley. 

The company launched shortly after her eldest daughter gifted Christina a baking kit for Mother's Day; propelling her into years of developing self-taught baking skills and a dynamic original menu.

A hobby turned creative outlet, and now entrepreneurial venture, The Sweet Alley specializes in custom made edible artworks  to satisfy any cravings and aesthetics.

We pride ourselves in working with local artists, suppliers and uplifting our communities and culture through our flavours, art and brand ethos.

Christina wish to share her box of sweets with you one day through The Sweet Alley.

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